Monday, March 11, 2019

March 11-March 15

Hello Parents:

There is no school Monday March 11-12. Students will return to school March 13.

Wednesday, March 13: We will be attending the Newsies Play at SUU. We will leave school at 9:00 and return by lunch.

Thursday, March 14: Zion Field Trip. We will be leaving the school at 9:00 SHARP! Please, do not be late as you will be left. We will spend the day in Zion hiking. Make sure your child wears appropriate clothing for being outdoors. The weather in Utah is unpredictable, so students need to wear good shoes for hiking, a jacket, hat, pants, and sunscreen. They will also need a water bottle with their name on it, and a snack for the bus ride down. We will return to school by 3:00.

Friday, March 15: We will be reviewing for our math test on Monday, March 18.

March 18-22: STEAM Week. I will have STEM activities for our class all week long. Make sure and ask your child about their day.

Here's What's Happening in...

We have completed chapter 10 and will be testing next week. Due to the busy and short week we have, I have decided not to test until Monday, March 18. This will give us plenty of time to review and get converting units of measurement down.

We are learning about the Reformation. This unit talks about the change of power during and after the Renaissance. Students will be writing an informational essay as well. 

HISTORY: We have been learning about the Civil War. Students will learn about the impact of the Emancipation Proclamation as well as great American Hero's during and after the Civil War.

SCIENCE: We have completed rotations through science. We will begin reviewing what we have learned all year. Testing will begin March 25th in this subject area.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

February 25-March 1

Hello Parents and Students:

Please send your child to school ready for outdoor recess. They can pack snow boots, coats, hats, gloves, and snow pants if necessary. We have outdoor recess when the weather is above freezing and all students are required to play outside. There are less germs outside than inside our classroom.

Please have your child come to school on time. School starts daily at 8:55 and we jump in to learning just after the first bell. It is a distraction when a student comes in late. Also, if your child is late to school, they must check in at the office.

Here's What's Happening in:

We have completed our chapters on fractions. We will spend Monday and Tuesday reviewing everything we have learned so far. Students will then take another "test" to show what they have learned. Those scores will be available on Mastery Connect and inside their data binders.

We are currently learning about the Renaissance. Students will be learning about influential members of society, artists, and scholars, as well as reading excerpts from William Shakespeare's works.  We will begin working on writing a narrative this week.

Students have been learning about landforms from Mr. Garfield. They will be finishing this unit this week and will test next week.

We will continue working toward our patriot award. Students will also be reading about the expansion of American settlement in the west.

Upcoming Events:

March 11-12: No School
March 13: Newsies Play
March 14: Zion Field Trip

Monday, February 11, 2019

February 11-15

Hello Parents:

This week is family week.
Monday:Family Art Night
Come enjoy art and STEAM activities from 5:30-7:30 PM
Tuesday: Love Notes
Come and leave a love note for your child.
Wednesday: Family Tree
Students will write their name on a leaf to display on our family tree.
Thursday: Heritage Day
Students dress up as someone from their family tree.
Friday: Morning donuts and Wear Red!
Families are invited to have donuts with their children before school. Doors open at 8:20 and the bell rings at 8:50.

Parents are also welcome to have lunch with their students during this day. If you plan to eat a school lunch, please let Mrs. Higgins know and purchase your lunch in advance. Lunches are $4.00.

Penny Wars is this week as well! Students put pennies in jars to earn points. The class with the most pennies wins a prize. Any silver colored coins deduct points from teachers. Help us win!

Thursday is Valentine's Day. Our class will be creating homemade boxes and having a friendly competition. There will be a small prize for the best box. If you are unable to create a box, I will have bags for students to decorate. Our party committee is in charge of planning and bringing treats for our class party in the afternoon. Students may hand out Valentines. Please, if your child brings a valentine to pass out to their friends, make sure they make a Valentine for each student in our class. Feelings are still tender in fifth grade.

Here's What's Happening In...

We will begin chapter 8. This chapter is division of fractions. Students will learn multiple ways to divide fractions.

We will continue our reading of The Adventures of Don Quixote. Students are loving his misadventures! We will also continue our Persuasive Essay. Students will begin writing their persuasive essays this week and will complete them by Friday.

Students are currently learning about landforms from Mr. Garfield.

Students are working towards their Patriot Award. I have three students close to finishing!