Monday, March 19, 2018

March 19-March 23rd

Hello Parents and Students:
Our class has been invited to attend Tom Sawyer at the Randall Jones Theater, Friday, March 23rd. Admission to this play is $1.00. Our school pays for admittance and the bus to get to the play. If you could provide the $1, or would like to donate additional money to help those who cannot afford the dollar, it would be greatly appreciated!
Busses for the play will leave at 8:50 am! Please make sure your child is on time, or they will be left!  I also need all signed permission slips and money turned in by Wednesday, March 21st.


Chapter 10 Math Test went home today (Monday). We are doing this as a take-home test. You may help your child if they need it.
We will begin Chapter 11 Tuesday.


We are continuing our unit on the Renaissance. Students will be learning about different artists and their contributions to our culture. 
Students were assigned Spelling Words for this week. They went home on Friday of last week. We will practice them in class (I use them with vocabulary instead of spelling alone. This is a more effective way of learning the word because students will be able to use it!) Our test on these words will be Friday. 

For STEM week we will be rotating through the 5th grade classes. Each fifth grade teacher will give a 45 minute STEM lesson. We will also have the Planetarium Visit Tuesday.

 Upcoming Dates:
March 19-23rd: STEM Week
March 22: Spring Pictures
March 23: Field Trip to Randall Jones Theater
March 26: Start SAGE Testing (watch for additional information to come home soon.)
April 2-6th: Spring Break, No School

Monday, March 12, 2018

March 12- March 16

Hello Parents and Students:

Grade reports for 3rd quarter will come home today (Monday, March 5th). Please sign and return the pink paper stating that you looked over the grades with your child. Please know that I am lenient, and have given multiple opportunities for students to make up work and complete anything missing. They are held accountable for their book reports, which are due at the end of each quarter. They will not be allowed to make up work from 3rd quarter unless we have discussed and agreed upon conditions.

We have a filed trip Friday, March 23rd. We will be going to the Randall Jones Theater to watch We are Monsters and Tom Sawyer. We will leave school at 9am and return by lunch. The cost of the play is $1.00 per student.

Here's what's happening in:

We have begun chapter 10.  This chapter deals with measurement.  We will be comparing units of measurement and converting units of measurement (ie. feet to yards, yards to inches, etc.)  This can be tricky for some students, so check in and ask if they need more practice/help.

We have started Unit 6, The Renaissance. Student's will be learning about ancient Greek and Roman civilization's influence on Western Civilization. We will be studying art from the time period and talking about philosophers from then as well.  It is an interesting unit and student's will make a lot of connections between Renaissance society and our own.

We will continue our unit on Land Forms. I am hopeful to finish by Friday and begin our unit on electricity and magnetism.

Monday, March 5, 2018

March 5-March 9

Hello Parents!

There will be no school Thursday or Friday this week. 

Third quarter ends on Wednesday. Please make sure your child has turned in their reading calendar, book report, and studied for our math test.

Here's what's happening in:

We are finishing chapter 9 and will take our test on Wednesday morning.  We will start chapter 10 on Monday when we return to school.

We will complete our unit on Don Quixote Wednesday. Students have been working hard to write an essay about Don Quixote. We wrote the majority as a class, then students completed the essay with a paragraph of their own. They are trying to earn a 30 in Utah Compose!

We will begin our new unit on The Renaissance Monday when we return to school. 

We will be continuing our unit on land forms. Students are learning about the layers of the Earth, tectonic plates, volcanic activity, and other amazing subjects.

Students are still working toward their Patriot Award independently. .

Thank you for reading with your students at night. They are doing amazing things in class!